About Us

Our history

The archives of UPC is the administration section of the university. It is the information center for permanent archiving the historical files of the university. The archives are founded in November 1989, under the leadership of the president of the college. In April 1991, the administration committee was founded, making overall plans and being engaged in the direction, organization, coordination and supervision of the archives work of the university.

Brief Introduction

By the end of 2014, there are 13 kinds of collections in the archives, including 80,604 pieces of paper files, 7,612 pieces of base maps, 17,030 pieces of photos, 1,820 books of archive materials. Now we also have 43,900 pieces of electronic archive. The archives value fundamental work very much. On the one hand, we not only pay much attention to collecting specific materials, but also enhance the archive resource system continuously and strengthen the sorts out of the idiomatic collections of physical, audiovisual and personage archives. On the other hand, we go everywhere to collect archive materials relating to our university, enriching our archive resources. Meanwhile, we put forth efforts on improving the conditions of conserving collections and set up a storeroom for precious artwork, where there store 318 pieces of drawings, 118 pieces of artwork, 57 pieces of inscribed boards, 121 pieces of all kinds of souvenirs.